3 liter thermal bag "linen"


3 L Ketan

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* Latest releases of Beach Cool
* Lunch bag 3 liters suitable for all ages
* Keeps food cold or hot for a long time 🔥
* Sizes 23 cm 16 cm 10 cm height
* Long handle can be adjusted in height for easy carrying Shoulder + small hand for carrying by hand
* An internal net to place personal belongings such as tissues or Carnet and succession
* Multiple uses/lunch bag/box for storing medicines/ A bag for storing makeup/a bag for storing accessories and Small tools
* Imported waterproof materials for heat insulation
* The inside of the bag is treated to prevent bacteria from growing in it
* Free of PBA
* Safe to use with food without containers
* Multiple colors to suit all tastes
* Easy to clean with just a wet towel, inside and out